Vision Statement

We envision being a community of believers…

  • Who honor God in all aspects of our lives.
  • Where God’s Word is honored, accurately proclaimed, understood and is the rule for living as well as our standard for leadership and interactions.
  • Who witness God’s provision through faithful, believing prayer, both corporate and individual.
  • Who offer sincere worship to God the Father and Jesus His Son in a manner that encourages heartfelt participation by all.
  • Who express God’s love and encouragement in authentic, caring relationships and friendships.
  • Where everyone uses their spiritual gifts and talents in humble, effective service to others.
  • Where people are regularly being reconciled to God by experiencing His acceptance, forgiveness and love.
  • Where growth occurs through the conversion of unbelievers and assimilation of the unchurched.
  • Where all people are engaged in the worldwide work of God through praying, giving and direct participation in the Great Commission.

Core Values

God’s Glory…  We believe we should seek to honor and please God in all that we do.
People…  As bearers of God’s image, we value all people and seek the highest good for them, believing in His ability to renew and transform lives.
Scriptures…  We place great value on learning and putting into practice the teachings of the Bible because it is God’s Word.
Strong Families…  We recognize the importance of the home and seek to help families function in a healthy, God-pleasing manner.
World Evangelization…  We believe that it is a priority to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all people groups.
Love…  We are committed to pursuing a sincere love for God which is seen in our gratitude, devotion and obedience to Him and a love for one another, which is seen in our mutual kindness, concern, patience and forgiveness.
God’s Grace…  We believe that the Gospel is powerful and that God works through His Word and Spirit to redeem and transform people.
Servanthood…  We value humble, faithful service to God and others as an important part of the authentic Christian life.

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